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I like to pretend that I’m really not naughty, but I am, says Karen Deville, a 51-year-old housewife from Wilmington, Delaware who sits down for her first on-camera interview. «I’m sweet on the outside, but I’m not.» Well, we happen to think that women who suck and fuck on-camera for our jacking pleasure are very sweet. Karen is a real MILF—she’s a mother of two—and she’s sexy in a very woman-next-door way. She’s not an in-your-face type of woman, even though she has big tits and a great ass. Even though, for this interview, she’s wearing nothing but sheer lingerie that conceals just about nothing. An example of how she’s the woman-next-door: Karen likes to crochet. She did not crochet what she’s wearing here. If you can stop staring at Karen’s tits long enough, you’ll find out a lot about her in this interview. For example, she used to be a loan officer in a bank. She likes having sex in public places. She likes the thrill of possibly being caught, even though she doesn’t want to be caught. And, she says, this is «one of the wildest things» she’s ever done. «Top three, for sure.» We’d like to hear what the other two are!

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Added on: 4 декабря, 2020

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